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Logistics is a holistic system that seeks to find the optimal solution to achieve the goal. That is, it makes all the tools available and then decides what method and tools to use depending on the situation. Logistics, as a general method, extends its vision to a wider area, looking at issues from above and deciding what to do, and is a top management. In manufacturing or service industries, the overall goal or mission is to achieve customer satisfaction. In fact, it is customer satisfaction that makes the organization profitable. This process, which seems important in defining logistics, includes execution planning and control.

Definition of logistics from the perspective of the Logistics Management Association: (CLM)

Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling effectively and the efficiency of the flow and storage of goods and services and related information from the starting point to the point of consumption in order to meet customer needs. Extensive logistics depends on the two concepts of consumption point and starting point. Logistics is a comprehensive management that surrounds all production systems and affects all activities of a company. In other words, logistics has a direct impact on all operational activities of a company or a group of companies that pursue a common goal. Or indirect. This common goal for the corporate network can be to meet customer needs. Logistics is the art and science of obtaining production, distributing materials and products in the right place and in the right amount.

Three basic logistics features:

Impact of Alten Rail Golestan Company on logistics:

Crossing the border is one of the time-consuming and complex stages of international transportation and can, as a bottleneck of the whole process (logistics bottleneck), significantly increase the time and cost of international transportation of goods. For this reason, international institutions have tried to facilitate this process by coordinating documents and procedures for cross-border transportation by compiling guidelines and instructions. Alten Rail Golestan Company with extensive experience and experienced staff with full familiarity with all international procedures and instructions (including SMGS, etc.) as well as constructive interactions with all relevant organizations and agencies in the entry and exit of goods, including Customs, National Standards Organization, Plant Protection Organization, etc., helps cargo owners to get their goods through this logistical bottleneck in Pass the shortest time, at the lowest cost andwith the best quality.


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